How to be a Motivational Speaker to Yourself: The Chris Gardner Story

No life is ever perfect. Everyone goes through all kinds of hardships. These hardships come to people through circumstance, chance, and mistakes. No one can ever avoid having problems, although some people seem to have a relatively easier time handling them.

Others, however, seem like their life is perfectly imperfect, never having a moment’s respite from all the suffering. Whenever a motivational speaker says “you can do anything if you set your mind to it”, these are the people who immediately question the validity of that statement. Of course you can, provided you have some money and people to help you. How about the ones without any of those? How about the ones who were born into poor, broken families in poverty-stricken areas, the ones who have never had access to large amounts of money or high quality education? It would be very hard to listen to a motivational speaker talk about rising from poverty without experiencing it to an extreme degree.

It’s a good thing people like Chris Gardner exist.

Born in 1954 to a broken family, Chris Gardner is a very fine example of the rags-to-riches trope that is all the rage in motivational speaking.

motivational speakerHis childhood was difficult from the start. His father was living far away from them, and his stepfather was an abusive man who took to beating up his mother and his siblings. He’s been to foster care several times, both times because his mother had been in jail. During that time though, he met and became close with his uncle Henry. Henry became the much-needed father figure in Chris’s life, but apparently even that was too much of a good thing because after a year, Henry died from drowning.

Once again left without a father figure, Chris took his mother’s advice to heart, and he adapted a lifestyle of self-reliance because, according to his mother, “You can only depend on yourself.”

Not only did he experience a traumatizing childhood along with discrimination, he also went through marital problems, and it resulted in an affair, an illegitimate son, and a divorce.

He became a research lab assistant, which was decent but was not paying enough for him to support his girlfriend and his son. He took a job selling medical equipment, and life for Chris became good for a while. He was determined to succeed, and when a man with a red Ferrari told him about being a stockbroker, Chris put his sales aside to try and become one. He got accepted to a training program with E.F. Hutton, and he quit his sales job to focus on that.

Once again, that was too good to be true for Chris because when he showed up for work, he discovered that the manager who hired him had gotten fired, which meant that his job acceptance was invalidated. Things just went downhill from there. His girlfriend left him and took their son, and he was jailed for having a debt of $1,200 due to unpaid parking tickets. He became a trainee with no experience, no salary, and no family.

Then came the homelessness. Chris was only starting to piece his life back together with a job and a small salary when his ex-girlfriend came back and left their son with him. The rooming house he was staying in did not allow children, leaving him and his son without a home.

The most amazing thing about Chris is that he did not let that stop him. He did not abandon his son, and instead he worked his head off trying to constantly find new places in which they could stay, even just for a night at a time. He didn’t allow the poverty, the injustice of his life and his unfortunate circumstances to ruin his life and his son’s chance for a future, and look where he is now.

CEO, stockbroker, motivational speaker. He is also a philanthropist, an author and an investor. His life even became the basis of a movie!

A lot of people think that rags-to-riches stories are exaggerated, or too farfetched to be real. That’s not true. Yes, it is hard, but like Chris Gardner has proven, you don’t really need money or education or supporters to start. All you need to do is become a motivational speaker to yourself, and maybe someday you could be motivating millions of people too.


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What are Golf drivers?

Golf is not just a simple game of “who can hit the ball the farthest.” It is a game of concentration and technique. In fact, half of the technique relies on the game play of the golfer, and this play includes choosing the appropriate golf club for the drive. Now, one of the most important drives a golf player would have to do is the initial swing. To pull this off, he needs to choose the best from the selection of golf drivers.

Golf drivers are the type of clubs often used for the first few swings. These are actually a more defined class of Woods. Woods are the golf clubs known for long distance hits. Woods are commonly used to hit the ball at the greatest possible distance from the fairway and nearer to the hole. Their hefty head and the long shaft characterize all types of woods, even the golf drivers. They are built to maximize club speed.

Golf driversThe biggest type of wood is called the driver. This is also called the 1-wood, as woods are categorized according to the level of loft, with 1 having the lowest loft. The loft of the driver is between 9 to 13 degrees. Aside from being the lowest-lofted, the driver is also the longest club to be found in a player’s bag. Surprisingly, it is also often the lightest club available. The driver is designed to produce the longest distance possible out of all the clubs. Because of its capabilities, it is often used in when the player is in the tee or the fairway.

Golf drivers are usually made of burrowed out titanium and very light shafts, almost feather-like in weight. Because the length of woods are often increased as time passes by, the length of the driver also follows. At the moment, a standard driver, especially ones with graphite shaft, is around 45.5 inches, or 115.6 cm long.

The drivers were initially made to be slightly bigger than the common wood. As mentioned before, a wood has a relatively enormous head, with a volume going as high as 460 cm3. This is actually the USGA maximum allowable size for official games. Some drivers have even bigger heads with greater volumes. Though the greater ones are not allowed for legal games, these hefty golf drivers can be used during casual games and long drive competitions.

The shafts of woods would vary from senior type to extra-stiff. This would all depend on the preference of the player. Those who would want to maximize the long drive of this club should consider the longest shaft, which is around 48 inches. This is also the maximum allowable shaft length for professional games.

Because of its strength and light weight, it has become one of the most needed and favoured golf clubs. it is also the most costly type of club out of all kinds. This is because of the focus given on the golf player’s drive distance – a longer drive lands the ball nearer the green, thereby requiring fewer strokes from the player. A well-aimed drive could increase the player’s chance of an eagle or birdie, which is scoring two or one under par, respectively.

The price of drivers falls around $130 to $500. This is the price range offered to adult amateur players and regulars. The price goes higher as the club becomes more personalized. In fact, custom-made drivers used by upscale golf players and professionals could reach as high as four to five digit prices. However, for those who want to try their hand in golf but are not as committed or as aggressively invested could purchase a golf driver for as low as $20. These are however suggested only for junior players.

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How Military Men Acquire Military Coins

Collectors hoard a lot of things, for a lot of reasons. Some collect books; some keep toys. Others are simply obsessed with anything that feature their favorite colors. There are those who deal with psychological disorders that triggered them to hoard addictively. On the other hand, there are those who simply collect as a hobby. Almost everything is being collected – from paintings, movie posters, shoes, fountain pens and so on. Of all the items being collected, military coins are among the less known and less common ones.

These coins originated in the military. Military men first collected these coins which are also known as challenge coins. Nowadays, the tradition of military collection goes beyond the military.

Military coinsOne of the reasons military personnel have in collecting challenge coins is the symbolisms of the military coins. Upon graduation in military school, they will receive their first ever challenge coin. Their first challenge coin may feature their graduation year, their batch motto and logo, and their alma mater’s symbols.

A soldier’s first military coin represents his triumph over academic challenges and the rigorous physical trainings attached to their course. It also promotes a sense of unity among the batchmates. It may serve as identification too.

Once the graduates are hired in the army, air force, marines, navy and coast guard, they will have more chances of acquiring a military coin. Challenge coins are being rewarded to military personnel for various reasons. Just like in ancient Rome where army officers gave their army men coins as a form of payment, though some of them took the coins as a memento that’s worthy to be kept.

When a military man showcased his bravery in line with his work, he may be awarded military coins. Those who display service that is remarkable and worthy of imitation may receive challenge coins as well.

One of the purposes of the modern-day military coin tradition is to boost the morale of those in the military. Those who received challenge coins because of their performance are more motivated to outdo what they had done. Meanwhile, those who are not able to bag a challenge coin will be encouraged to do more and perform better.

A collection of challenge coins acquired by a military man through performances is like a status symbol in their world. Having more challenge coins may mean that one is of higher rank than others.

Apart from services, performances and graduation, a soldier may also acquire a military coin through his membership to different units. However, not all units may have a symbolic coin for their group.

Military coins may also be passed on from one soldier to another. There could be an exchange of challenge coins. There may also be instances when a higher-ranking official secretly gives a military coin to one of his trusted men. When an official retires, he may opt to pass on not just his position but a military coin as well.

Perhaps, one of the most publicized challenge coins awarding was done during the day when American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq were recognized for their bravery. The publicity helped in increasing public awareness regarding the ancient-old tradition of those in the military. The coins given may not be sufficient to represent the government’s gratitude for the soldiers’ services. But there noteworthy services will forever be represented with their challenge coins.

Military coins are not just acquired prior and during service in the army. World War II veterans receive challenge coins during special occasions such as anniversaries. With those symbolic coins, their services in the past will be honored continuously.

Why Do Lawyers Charge Higher to Modify a Loan?


Long Island loan modification is the act of requesting from the bank/lender, to add, alter, remove, substantial terms and conditions in a contract of loan. For purposes of this article, we will assume that this refers to a housing loan. What exactly do lawyers do that make their service more expensive, than say, internet based providers who offer to negotiate your loan for you, usually at half the price, or eBooks that cost $10 to $100?

Loan Document Audit

Lawyers will require you to provide a copy of your loan documents as a basis for your loan modification. Should you not have any, they will get a copy from the bank or lender. They will then perform a thorough auditing of the loan documents and cross reference the same with your financial records. Lawyers will look for gaps in the law. Anything that the bank/lender might have breached i.e. excessive loan costs, lack of full disclosure, an increase of more than 10% from initial to final offer, etc.

File a Case and Reply in Court

Long Island loan modificationGranted, non law firms also perform an audit for loan modification. The problem is, they lack the necessary knowledge to make a full assessment. Even assuming they do find any lapses in the law; they lack the necessary license to file a suit. If they insist on contesting the legality of the loan documents, then banks/lenders are sure to elevate the matter. Can third party providers promise to file a reply in court? Do they have the necessary knowledge to contest legal technicalities that banks/lenders will raise regarding your Long Island loan modification? No they can’t and they won’t.

Even if they do forward your loan modification to a lawyer or firm, no lawyer will rely on the findings of a non lawyer. They will insist on making another audit. This means more time is wasted, and you just paid for an audit 2x. This is only natural because no lawyer or firm will risk their good standing and their license on the say so of a third person.

Confidentiality Agreement

Another reason why it is better to consult with attorneys for your Long Island loan modification is because they are bound by their profession to keep everything they know 100% confidential. The penalty for breaching confidentiality is suspension, disbarment and/or hefty fines. It is only logical that no lawyer will risk their good standing for a grand or two. This is especially because lawyers and law firms have well established contact details and office locations.

On the other hand, some internet based Long Island loan modification providers have small operations within the state, and outsource some, if not all of the work. This means your confidential, personal and financial information i.e. social security number, full name, address, contact number, credit card information, bank statements, etc. will be seen and recorded in several venues. This increases the likelihood that the same will be leaked, making you susceptible to identity theft and credit card fraud.

Case in point, several years ago, there was this company that had the audacity to call themselves Federal Housing Aid (FHA). This was planned to simulate authority. They purported to help distressed home owners, save their homes by filing for loan modification. They utilized a home address within a certain US state, as their business address. But 99% of the operation was outsourced in Asia. The company was a scam. Their CEO was prosecuted, tried and found guilty of multiple counts of fraud. The only thing they did was to send out a pro forma (fill in the blanks) request for loan modification. Those who got approved could have done so themselves. Those who got disapproved could have been better off hiring a law firm that can provide alternative remedies.

Alternative Remedies

In case your Long Island Loan Modification fails, a law firm can provide you with other options. More importantly, these options can be utilized as soon as possible. This is because, for some individuals, the denial of a loan modification is tantamount to eviction.

The common Long Island loan modification is lowering the interest rate and reducing the principal balance.

Movable Cubicle: Its 15 Jaw-dropping Types


People who use a movable cubicle should be aware that it currently has 15 types. These kinds of cubicles differ have their own differences and similarities.

1. The dry storage cubicle

Because this type of moveablecontainer comes in different dimensions regulated by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), it is the most common cubicle that is used for shipping dry items. This cubicle is available in 20-feet, 45-feet, 10-feet, and 40-feet.

2. The open top cubicle

movable cubicleThis movable cubicle has a removable top so that tall items can be easily transported. The removable top allows people to pack, unpack, load, and unload items from above the cubicle with a crane. Open top cubicles typically have wooden floors and corrugated steel walls. These cubicles are 20-feet long or 40-feet long. They also have a swiveling door header, removable bows, and a removable tarpaulin. The removable bows maintain the container’s strength.

3. The open side storage cubicle

This kind of movable cubicle has two doors on one side so that there is much wider space for loading and unloading items. It can also carry items with larger widths.

4. The refrigerated ISO (International Organization for Standardization) cubicle

This cubicle is widely used for shipping fruits and vegetables over the road, sea, and rail. It is temperature-regulated so that perishable foods can maintain their freshness in low temperatures. It comes in 40-feet, 20-feet, and 45-feet sizes.

5. The tank

This container can provide long protection to liquid materials during transportation because of its strong steel or other anti-corrosive construction materials.

6. The half-height cubicle

This cubicle is for easily loading and unloading materials such as stones and coal. Its height is half the height of full-sized cubicles.

7. The intermediate bulk shift cubicle

This cubicle can carry liquids or materials in batches. It is designed to transport those things to a place where they can be further packed. They will be shipped to a final destination after further packaging is done.

8. The special purpose cubicle

This cubicle transports weapons. It is constructed out of materials that can prevent these things from hurting other people.

9. The flat rack cubicle

This cubicle has two steel walls on both ends and a softwood floor. The two walls can either be folded or fixed. The walls keep the items securely attached during transportation. This cubicle is available in 20-feet and 40-feet sizes.

10. The tunnel cubicle

This cubicle has doors at both of its ends. This will allow people to quickly load and unload items.

11. The double doors cubicle

This cubicle has two doors on one side. The doors provide a wider room for people to load and unload items. This container is available in 40-feet and 20-feet sizes.

12. The thermal cubicle

This cubicle controls the amount of heat that will enter it. It is suitable for shipping items that are sensitive to heat such as chemicals and drugs.

13. The cargo storage roll cubicle

This cubicle can transport stacks or sets of items with its thick wire mesh and rollers. The rollers allow the wire mesh to move easily as the cubicle folds and unfolds itself. Different wire mesh colors are available so that the cubicle can look lively.

14. The car cubicle

This cubicle can transport a car over a long distance. To prevent the car from damage or from moving, the cubicle will fold its sides to help the car fit snugly.

15. The drum

This circular cubicle can ship bulky liquids or powders. It should be transported on pallets by a fork truck for easy handling. It can also be moved by turning it to one side while rolling.

No matter what kind of items that people want to store in their movable cubicle, those items will be in safe hands.

8 Ways to Recycle your Old Neck Lanyards


Neck lanyards are loops of string with a metal or plastic attachment at the end. They look like the typical necklaces. They can hold various small items such as key chains, flash drives, cellphones, whistle, to name a few.

Neck lanyards could last for decades, if properly taken cared of. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if you would have a collection of different lanyards from different organizations, clubs or people throughout the years. They could be more than you need. If the time comes that you think it is time to dispose some of them because you cannot find any other use for them, stop.

There are plenty of uses for your old neck lanyards. The list is actually long. Here are just eight of them.

1. Pet leash. With a little twist here and there, your old lanyards could become your dog’s new leash. Simply sew together the fabric or woven lanyards that you have. At the end of the sewn lanyards, make a loop where you would place the attachment to connect to your dog’s collar. You could also recycle the old attachments from your old lanyards rather than buy new ones.

Neck lanyards

2. Camera straps. From one neck lanyard, you could make 2 camera straps. Cut the lanyard into two. Sew the edges to avoid fraying. Fold the first cut lanyard into two. To join together the two ends, you could use a Velcro. If you intend to make it permanent, then just sew them together. Do the same with the other cut lanyard. Now, your camera is safer and there is less possibility of it to be dropped with these improvised camera straps.

3. Garden ties. Do you know that those old lanyards can have many in your garden? Yes, for one, they make good ties. Straighten those stubborn, drooping branches by tying them to a stick using these sturdy lanyards. Not only that, you could also secure those sacks with some leftover soil by using the lanyards to tie them. Accidental spills and wastes would be eliminated because of that. Small and similar garden tools would not be misplaced if neatly tied together. An old lanyard could do the trick.

4. Handles for your homemade cloth bags. Maybe you like to make your own cloth bags. You could turn these old lanyards into bags’ handles. They make great straps because they are strong and do not break easily. They are perfect for carrying heavy groceries.

5. Accessories. Old lanyards can be recycled to look like new necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even funky earrings for the Halloween. Let your creative juices flow as you mix and match your lanyards to produce stylish accessories. You could even earn from them when you sell these unique accessories. Or, you could give them as gifts to your friends and family.

6. Shoelaces. When you have two lanyards that look the same, you can accessorize your shoes by using your old lanyards as shoelaces. Just cut the lanyards’ metal or plastic attachments. Secure the ends from fraying by putting strips of tape.

7. Belts. They make great belts, too. To make a thicker belt, join 4-5 old lanyards together. Add a buckle at the end. For a more carefree look, use fabric lanyards and just them tie them to hold a skirt or pair of pants.

8. Display. Why don’t you make these old neck lanyards as your official collection items and show them off to your friends and family? Place all your old lanyards into a glass shelf. You could place small information on where, when, and how you got hold of these lanyards to make it more interesting.